Monday, February 25, 2013

80th anniversary fun facts (1982)

In the year, 1982 (fifty years after our founding):

  • The following people are born: LeAnn Rimes, Kirsten Dunst, Tara Lipinski.
  • President Ronald Reagan declares War on Drugs.
  • Barney Clark becomes the first artificial heart transplant recipient.
  • The first issue of USA Today is published.
  • The first episode of Late night with David Letterman airs.
  • IBM releases the PC – DOS version 1.1.
  • AT&T is broken up, spinning off the “Baby Bells”.
  • Herschel Walker wins the Heisman.
  • The average cost of a new car is $7,983, a house costs $82,500, and annual income is $21,073
  • Hit songs are “I Love Rock ‘n Roll” (Joan Jett) and “Eye of the Tiger” (Survivor)
  • “Ghandi” is an Academy Award winner
  •  Also in the theaters: “E.T”, “Tootsie”, ”Poltergeist”

Meanwhile, back in Columbus, Ross Robinson and Keith Grimes are two years into the merger of the two largest accounting practices in Columbus. Employees are getting comfortable with their new offices on Whitesville Road. With 10 partners and 40 employees, it is the largest and most diversified firm in the region. 

Four of today’s partners (Lev Norman, Charlie Johnson, Scott Voynich and Jay Pease) helped establish the foundation of practice philosophy and firm culture 30 years ago, and that still carries on today.

More to come – hope you enjoy!!

Jay Pease - Audit Partner and Firm Historian