Monday, September 8, 2014

What to do if you experience credit card fraud

I have always considered my credit card a loyal travel companion-until recently.  I have always taken it along with me on trips, whether if only for a day trip or an extended vacation.  Imagine how I felt when my bank texted, and then called me, to tell me my card had taken a trip to France without me… France!!!  I was consoled by my bank representative who reminded me that the card had been taken against its will and would never have traveled without me voluntarily.

So what should you do if "don't leave home without it" leaves home without you?  Here are the top three tips:

  1. Call your bank (or company issuing the card) immediately if you notice suspicious activity in your account. You can identify this activity by reviewing your monthly statement or by reviewing your account more frequently online.  Your bank can then close the account and reissue a card associated with a new account.

  1. Contact one of the three credit reporting agencies to place a fraud alert-they will notify the other two agencies. Links are attached below for these three agencies: 
  1. Contact the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and report the fraudulent activity. A link is also attached to the FTC website.  This website also gives lots of information related to preventing identity theft and repairing your credit if you have been victimized.

David Payne, Accounting Manager