Monday, September 24, 2012

Managing work-related stress

Every professional has to deal with stress in some form. We are simultaneously juggling our careers, our family, and various clubs and activities. I discovered these helpful tips for dealing with stress from the website TargetWoman, which is an Award winning Information portal dedicated to Women. Here are some helpful ways to manage work stress:
  • Don’t miss breakfast: Poor nutrition alters biochemical profile, start the day with nutritious low-fat breakfast. Eat regular balanced meals throughout the day.
  • Effective time management: You have limited time in the day, so make the most of it.  Analyze core values, schedule activities, create realistic expectations, straighten priorities and divide time for different aspects of your life. Learning to say ‘no’ in a friendly but firm manner, requesting help when you certainly need it, and not desiring to meet unrealistic goals is also important.
  • Breaks help: Take small breaks from work. Ensure you make use of lunch times and other break times. It helps to increase productivity.
  • Take deep breaths: At times when you are feeling overwhelmed by the amount of tasks or if you face a confronting situation, take deep breaths. You body and mind will benefit from the extra oxygen and you will feel relaxed and cool.
  • Choose your company: The company of optimistic and confident people will help in finding new dimensions to various issues that you are likely to face in work area. You will develop a positive attitude and will feel confident and less pessimistic. Keep away from negative company -- negativism sucks positive energy. Learn to take things lightly. Smile and laugh often.
  • Use the gym: Exercise regularly for physical as well as mental benefits.  Exercise helps relieve stress.  Learning the art of meditation can bring about long lasting wonders for the psyche.
  • Plan back-ups: Unforeseen domestic changes will add up to stressful situations. Develop strategies to face unexpected developments like backup ride for kids, plan for dinner etc.
  • Network: Meeting new people outside work area, developing friendship with like-minded individuals, sharing views on current affairs, participating in social welfare programs improves your sense of social connection.

Carolyn Kobek, CPA